Retired army man’s son wins Rs 3 lakhs in 94.3 My FM Paiso Ka Ped Season 2

Suyash Sethiya | Mar 27, 2017 22:39

Tejas Bhandarkar, son of a retired Indian army personnel Guruprasad Bhandarkar, emerged as the winner at the grand finale of 94.3 My FM Paiso Ka Ped – Season 2, organised in association with Nation Next as the online media partner, on March 26, 2017 at Empress Mall, Nagpur. By winning the competition, Tejas also won the grand prize of a whooping Rs three lakhs! Tejas won the competition by beating 29 other contestants who competed at the three-day finale of 94.3 My FM Paiso ka Ped – Season 2. Tejas reached the final round of the competition by holding the branch of an artificial tree for 74 hours undergoing eight elimination rounds and completing 15 challenging tasks. In the final round, Tejas defeated fellow contestant Dhanashree Singh to win the finale. Also, present during the finale was Tejas’s father – Guruprasad Bhandarkar who currently works as a Ticket Checker with Nagpur City Bus Services.

Nail biting competition!

TOP 5: Out of 30 contestants, five contestants namely Vasuvendra, Sagar Pande, Dhanashree Singh, Tejas Bhandarkar and Vijay Ghichare reached the top 5 round elimination round. During this round, these contestants competed in a task wherein they held a glass full of chilled water on their palms and held their respective branches of the artificial tree while they placed their one foot on a soft ball. The contestants were told to be in the same position for as long as they could! Vijay was eliminated when he lost his balance. After an hour, the round got tougher when Sakshi Verma (Product Head, My FM) told the remaining four contestants to balance an apple on their head in addition to their existing tasks! Vasuvendra, Dhanashree and Tejas made it to the top 3 when Sagar lost his balance and was hence eliminated.

Top 3: Vasuvendra, Dhanashree and Tejas were now told to let go of the soft ball beneath their foot and they were given a spoon and a lemon. These contestants now had to hold the glass of chilled water on their palms, balance the lemon on the spoon while holding the spoon in their mouth and also hold their respective branches! Dhanashree and Tejas headed to the finals as Vasuvendra couldn’t complete the task.

The grand moment

Team My FM made the final round tougher for the finalists – Dhanashree and Tejas – by giving them yet another difficult task. The finalists had to put their left foot in a huge tub filled with ice and balance a clay pitcher on their head. After 10-15 minutes they were told to balance the glass of chilled water again on their palms in addition to the already given task. After competing with Tejas for 38 minutes in the final round, Dhanashree, who competed brilliantly during all the tasks and rounds, lost her balance and dropped the pitcher thereby losing to Tejas.

MJ Nick then called upon Sunit Mehta (Regional Business Head, My FM) who signed the cheque of Rs three lakhs and handed it over to Tejas Bhandarkar – the winner of Paiso Ka Ped Season 2. My FM team consisting of Sakshi Verma, Amrita Roy (CGV Team, My FM), Kishan Prajapati (Programming Head, My FM, Nagpur), RJ Rajan, RJ Anuuj, RJ Niketa, RJ Mona, MJ Nick, RJ Neel, Danish Mallick and others, then congratulated Tejas Bhandarkar with a floral bouquet and sweets.

The champion speaks

After winning the competition, Tejas while speaking to Nation Next said, “I still can’t believe that I’m the winner of the Paiso Ka Ped – Season 2. From registering for this competition to being the winner, the entire journey was an amazing experience. All credit goes to my parents and my family members for their constant support and for being my biggest strength. I hope with the three lakh rupees prize money, I will be able to help my father and stabilize our financial condition.” Speaking about the competition, Tejas further said, “Smart work, dedication and concentration were the things which helped me winning this radio reality show. I feel that my toughest competitors were Vijay Ghichare and Dhanashree Singh. They both were very dedicated and brave throughout the competition.”

Proud father

Guruprasad Bhandarkar who along with his family was at his son Tejas’s side during the finale was elated to see his son win the competition. Expressing his happiness, he told Nation Next: “I and my family prayed for Tejas’s victory day and night. I am super proud of my son and I respect his sincerity and dedication for doing things. As I was in the Indian Army, I always wanted my son to be a good fighter and today he has proved that he’s a fighter! I would like to thank everybody who supported him and the My FM team for giving him this grand opportunity.”

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Pictures by: Suyash Sethiya