Chief Minister’s car too not allowed on Nagpur’s Vidhan Bhavan premises

Radhika Dhawad | Dec 5, 2016 21:34

Vidhan Bhavan Nagpur
CM Devendra Fadnavis walking down at Vidhan Bhavan premises, Nagpur

Winter Session Day One: It was a rare site to see Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis walking in and out of the Vidhan Bhavan, Nagpur, on foot today on the first day of the winter session of Maharashtra Legislature. Apparently, this happened for the first time in the history of Maharashtra Legislature in Nagpur that all the MLAs, MLCs, ministers and even the CM were asked to leave their respective cars at the Vidhan Bhavan entrance and walk towards their respective houses or work places.

In a press conference on Dec 3, before the winter session began, Deputy Chairman of Maharashtra Legislative Council Manikrao Thakre declared that no vehicles would be allowed on the Vidhan Bhavan premises in Nagpur.

Thakre had said that no vehicles of VVIP and other ministers would be allowed on the premises of Vidhan Bhavan. Citing security reasons against the backdrop of the recent Uri attack and Pathankot attack, which occurred early his year, followed by the surgical strike by Indian armed forces across the LOC, he said that even CM Devendra Fadnavis’ vehicle wouldn’t be allowed an entry just to avoid any untoward incident. Talking about the decision of not allowing vehicles inside the Vidhan Bhavan for the first time in the history of Maharashtra Legislature in Nagpur, Thakre said, “Though there’s no threat perception, we are just taking utmost care for the sake of the security. The vehicles can drop the VVIPs, ministers, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Chairman of Legislative Council, etc from where they’ll have to walk up to their respective workplaces.”

Also, the entries of morcha-delegations on the Vidhan Bhavan premises too have been restricted. The Viewers’ Gallery has no such restriction; the people can view the proceedings with valid passes.

He concluded the press conference by advising the ministers to attend their meetings with the officers at their residences to avoid unnecessary crowd at Vidhan Bhavan. He said that by following these rules, the security forces could carry on their work vigilantly as there would be lesser crowd in the premises.