1-lakh auto drivers in Nagpur declare indefinite strike from July 9

Joy Jacob | Jul 1, 2019 18:21

Autorickshaw commuters of Nagpur and across Maharashtra are set to face massive inconvenience from July 9. The convenient mode of transport for lakhs of commuters – autos- will most likely be off the streets. Around one lakh auto drives from Nagpur along with those of entire Maharashtra have declared an indefinite strike as a protest for their demands, which they claim the state government has not fulfilled despite promising to do so.

The Nagpur auto drivers and owners from across Vidarbha decided to join their counterparts during a meeting in the presence of Autorickshaw Chalak Malak Sanghatana Sanyukta Kruti Samiti leader Shashank Rao from Mumbai.

The demands of the autorickshaw drivers include a welfare board that will help them get medical and insurance benefits, a reduction in increased insurance premium for autorickshaws and an increase in the fares, which they claim has not been increased since last three years.

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