Trump Triumphs! Donald J Trump wins the battle for The White House

Radhika Dhawad | Nov 9, 2016 13:49

2016 US Presidential elections
L to R: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

In what could be termed as the most exciting Presidential election in the US history, Republican Party president Donald J Trump, 70, wins the 2016 US Presidential elections on Wednesday, November 9. He becomes the 45th US President over Democrat Party president Hillary Clinton, 69. Trump in a nail-biting finish paints America red over opponent Clinton. Trump secured 289 of the 538 electoral seats, while Clinton secured 218 seats.

Though various exit polls had predicted Clinton’s lead, saying that she had a 90% chance of victory, Trump won in key battleground states like Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, etc. The ‘Clinton-campaign’ was successful in states like Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, etc.

Trump, who won the battle to officially reside in The White House, was often criticised for being a misogynistic for his unflinchingly strong remarks.