22-year-old alcoholic robs and kills man to buy beer in Delhi, arrested

Nation Next Newsroom | May 31, 2018 21:08

A 22-year-old alcoholic man was arrested by the police in Delhi for allegedly looting and killing a printing press employee in Okhla to get money to buy beer.

On May 26, the police found the dead body of a man near the boundary wall of the domestic container depot in Okhla. The man had been stabbed 14 times, which led to his death. From the man’s pocket, the police found a bank deposit slip bearing the name Arvind Chauhan and an email id written on it. The police scanned the Facebook account with the help of the email id and confirmed the identity of the dead man. The police also found out that Chauhan used to work as a designer at a printing press in Okhla and that his cellphone was missing.

The search for the phone led the police to a man named Manoj, who told the police that he had been sold the phone by another man. The phone, which was bought and sold multiple times, finally led the the police to the accused named Sandeep aka Bulli. On being interrogated by the police, Sandeep confessed to being an alcoholic.

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DCP (Southeast) Chinmoy Biswal revealed that the accused used to work as a painter in Punjab and had come to the capital around four days ago. On the night of the crime, Sandeep wanted to drink alcohol but did not have the money to buy it. He went to the nearby meat shop and stole a butcher’s knife after which he went to the container depot. On spotting Chauhan, he attacked him and tried to steal his cellphone. When Chauhan resisted, Sandeep killed him by stabbing him 14 times and fled with his cellphone.