5 months after farmer ends life, son hangs himself over mounting debt in Katol

Radhika Dhawad | Aug 26, 2019 18:27

A 53-year-old farmer Pramod Jane from Katol at Nagpur district allegedly ended his life by hanging himself. On Saturday night, Pramod took the extreme step five months after his 85-year-old father Gopal had committed suicide by jumping into an ignited crop heap.

While Pramod ended his life due to mounting debts, his depressed father killed himself due to severe health issues. A resident of Madna village in Jalalkheda taluka in Nagpur district, Pramod had taken an educational loan for one of his three daughters. Also, he had bank liabilities on his five-acre farm. Apart from these loans, Pramod had also taken money for the marriage of one of his another daughters.

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