6 men thrash Nagpur cop’s son with rod over an old conflict

Tejaswini Thote | Apr 3, 2020 15:51

Nagpur: In an act of vengeance stemming out of old enmity and rage, six men rounded up 21-year-old Nayan Shende, who happens to be the son of a Nagpur cop. The incident occurred on Thursday at around 9:30 pm when the six men thrashed the youngster using a rod near Ajni area. The six accused who have been identified as Sandip Lade, Amol Meher, Aman Rangari, Chinni Golya, Ashu Kabadi and Jitu Hiwarkar, are the residents of Ajni area.

Speaking to Nation Next API (Assistant Police Inspector) Santosh Jadhav from Ajni Police Station said, “All the six and the victim, have been each other’s enemies since a year. Shende had allegedly tried to hit Rangari with his vehicle and had injured him a year ago. Clearly, the incident took place out of revenge.”

The Police have registered a complaint under sections 326, 143, 147, 148 and 149 of the IPC against the accused.

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