6 rupees lottery ticket makes Nagpur man a crorepati!

Report by: Tejaswini Thote

Feb 19, 2020 17:53

Nagpur man Prashant Kumar wins one crore lottery…

After trying his luck for four years, just when Nagpur man Prashant Kumar was least hopeful of winning money from a mere six rupees lottery ticket, he managed to win a whopping one crore rupees. Forty-year-old Kumar, a central government employee in the city, won the huge sum through ‘Dear Lottery,’ which is run by government of Nagaland.

Disappointed by constantly losing in the lottery game, Kumar on January 1 decided to quit buying lottery tickets; he began avoiding visiting lottery ticket stalls. But his fascination towards gambling compelled him to revisit the stalls. Subsequently, one day while on his way to work, not willing to spend too much money on tickets, he stopped at a stall and bought few tickets for just six rupees. However, due to the current system of 30% tax, applicable, Kumar would take home around Rs 70 lakhs.

Surprisingly, 24 hours later after the results were announced online, luck smiled upon Kumar with one crore rupees. Dear Lottery conducted a grand event to felicitate Kumar and the ticket vendor in Nagpur, which was graced by Bollywood actress Bhagyashree (Patwardhan) Dasani.

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