6-year-old dies after eating explosive mistaking it for food item

Sneha Shah | Jun 11, 2020 18:42

A six-year-old boy died at Alagarai village near Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu after he chewed on a country-made explosive mistaking it for a food item. The boy has been identified as Vishnu Dev. As per reports, the explosives were bought by Vishnu’s father – Boopathi, who along with his elder brother Gangadharan, would use such explosives for fishing near the banks of Cauvery.

On the day of the incident, Gangadharan, along with his friends Mohanraj and Tamilasaran bought three explosive sticks from a man named Selvakumar, who works at a stone quarry. The three men used two of the explosive sticks for fishing and took the unused one back to Boopathi’s house. At the house, the explosive stick exploded after Vishnu mistook it for a food item and chewed on it.

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After the explosion, Gangadharan and Boopathi tried to rush an injured Vishnu to a hospital but the little boy succumbed to the injuries shortly. Fearing the consequences, the little boy’s last final rites were performed the same night. However, the police got a whiff of it and an investigation was started. Following the probe, Boopathi, Gangadharan, Mohanraj and Selvakumar were arrested under the explosives act and for causing the death of the child. Police are now trying to locate and arrest Tamilasaran.