7-yr-old girl’s body with limbs tied found dumped inside bag in Delhi park

Radhika Dhawad | Feb 13, 2019 14:56

In a shocking incident, a passerby in Delhi spotted a body of a seven-year-old girl with limbs tied in a bag at a park. The girl’s body was found on Sunday morning, after she’d gone missing since Saturday evening.

Resident of outer Delhi’s Nihal Vihar, the girl had left home on Saturday evening to buy momos along with her younger sister. The girl’s father, who’s an auto driver, filed a police complaint after his daughter didn’t return even by 9:30 pm.

According to police, apart from the tied limbs, two ropes were also found dangling from her neck. Injuries on her head suggested that she was hit by a stone or something severe that led to her death. However, police haven’t ruled out the possibility of a sexual assault.

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