71-year-old Nagpur man kills alcoholic son; sits next to dead body entire night

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 19, 2019 15:34

A 71-year-old man murdered his abusive son on Wednesday night at their home under Hudkeshwar Police jurisdiction in Alankar Nagar in Nagpur.
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A 71-year-old man named Damodar Balapure murdered his abusive son Sanjay Balapure (38) on Wednesday night at their home in Alankar Nagar in Nagpur. Shockingly, Damodar sat besides his son’s dead body the entire night before surrendering to Hudkeshwar Police on Thursday at 5 am.

As per reports, Sanjay, who was an alcoholic and would often abuse his parents and demand money, had recently asked for Rs 25,000 from his parents for buying a motorcycle. Since Wednesday afternoon, a fight ensued between Sanjay and his parents as Sanjay turned violent and demanded money. Sanjay abused his mother and father Damodar and threatened them. Fearing for his and his wife’s life, Damodar was forced to take an extreme step to stop Sanjay.

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As Sanjay went to sleep, Damodar with the help of a carpentry tool attacked Sanjay at around 1.30 am. After killing Sanjay, Damodar called up his son-in-law and informed him about the murder. It is being reported that Damodar surrendered to Hudkeshwar Police on advice of his relatives.

Sanjay was accused of murdering his father-in-law in 2012-13. He was however released from jail in April 2019. Sanjay’s wife along with their seven-year-old daughter lives in Amravati, while his ten-year-old was living with Sanjay and his parents in Nagpur.