72 families quarantined after pizza delivery boy tests positive for COVID-19

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 16, 2020 15:53

People from 72 families in South Delhi area have been asked to quarantine themselves after a 19-year-old pizza delivery boy, who had delivered food in the area through Zomato, tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

Zomato confirmed that the boy, who worked at a popular pizza chain, had delivered food to a few customers in Malviya Nagar, where the pizza outlet is situated as well. Zomato, however, made it clear that the company is not sure whether the delivery boy was infected at the time of delivery or not.

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The company also informed that the restaurant has instructed their riders to wear masks and follow strict hygiene to keep customers safe from any mishaps. All co-workers of the coronavirus positive diagnosed rider have tested negative but as a precaution the restaurant where this rider worked has suspended operations.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain told ANI that 17 other delivery boys linked with the infected man have also been placed under institutional quarantine.