Uncle rapes and kills 8-month-old niece in a basement in Indore

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 21, 2018 15:51

Photo source: ANI)

In yet another shocking incident, an eight-month-old infant in Indore was brutally raped and murdered in a basement of a building by her uncle in the wee hours of Friday. The accused Naveen Gadake, 21, was spotted on a CCTV camera while carrying the infant on his shoulder.

The body of the infant, covered in blood, was spotted after a shopkeeper went to the basement to open his shop. The infant suffered grave injuries on her private parts and head.

The infant was asleep with her parents (who are balloon sellers) on the street outside Rajwada Fort in Indore. As per a report in NDTV, a senior police official said, “The CCTV footage showed the accused (who has been arrested), who is a distant relative of the child, came on a bicycle at around 4:45 am and picked up the girl sleeping next to her parents and headed towards Shiv Vilas palace, across the street. He took the girl to the basement of the commercial complex and sexually assaulted her, her body was recovered in the afternoon.”