For Maratha Morcha, house was made to adjourn, but nobody paid heed to Muslim reservation protest: Abu Azmi

Team Nation Next | Dec 16, 2016 16:38

Mumbai MLA Abu Azmi spoke about the political leaders' discrimination between the Maratha Morcha and the Muslim reservation protest in Nagpur.
Abu Azmi, Mumbai MLA and President of Maharashtra Unit of Samajwadi Party. (Photo: Nation Next)

Mumbai MLA and President of Maharashtra Unit of Samajwadi Party Abu Azmi on Thursday, during the Maharashtra Legislature winter session 2016 in Nagpur, raised the issue of reports of various commissions not reaching to the public. He also spoke about the political leaders’ discrimination between the Maratha Morcha and the Muslim reservation protest in Nagpur.

Azmi said, “Whenever there is bomb blast or a riot, there are some people who tag a Muslim as a rioter, a terrorist or  a traitor. These views are then showed all over the television in such a way that it seems that Muslims are the ones who are wrong all the time.

In 2001, when America attacked Afghanistan wrongly, Muslims in Malegaon decided that they will weaken America’s economy. They chose  Gandhiji’s way of foreign goods boycott. They felt that only the product of our country should sell in our country. They also printed a hand bill which the police tried to snatch. When the Muslims did not give that to the police, there was a firing and 12 Muslims were killed.

The same way in 2006 in Dhulia, six Muslims were killed and three were handicapped for life. The government announced a compensation of Rs 5 lac for the victims’ families which was never given to them. The government formed the N K Patil commission in 2001 in Malegaon and the Malte commission in Dhulia in 2006 to probe the incidents. When the Malte commission did not finish their work, Chandiwal commission was set up. My point is – If crores of rupees are spent on setting up a commission, the commission report should be revealed to the people of the country so that they get to know who the real culprits were. It’s the right of the people. But be it be Congress government or BJP government, the commission reports are always thrown away in a locker and never brought to the fore and hence the culprits remain unpunished.

That’s the reason I have requested in the house today that the commission reports should be tabled so that everything becomes clear. Whoever the culprit is, be it be of any caste, should be punished so that next time there’s no riot.”

Azmi also expressed disappointment over the fact that political leaders did not speak about anything about the Muslim Morcha as they did for the Maratha Morcha the previous day. He said, “It’s unfortunate that when there was a rally of lakhs of Muslims in the city today, there’s nobody in the house who spoke about it. This is a secular country and one should stand with people who are facing problems. But it doesn’t happen because the communalism in our country has increased a lot. When yesterday there was a Maratha Morcha in Nagpur, many leaders spoke to the speaker of the house and gave some or the other reasons to adjourn the house because all of them wanted to join the Maratha Morcha. The house was closed till 3pm yesterday. But when today there was a Muslim Morcha, nobody spoke about it. And this in spite of the fact that a court has already ruled that Muslims should be given 5% reservation in the education sector and they still haven’t got that.”

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