Achievements by physically challenged to be recognised soon: Sanjeev Pendharkar

Nation Next Newsroom | Dec 1, 2018 2:00

Members of the selection committee

MITI Creations will soon be organizing an event wherein institutions and individuals will be recognized for achievements in spite of tremendous crisis and odds faced by them due to their disabilities. The first meeting for the scrutiny of applications received was held on November 28, 2018.

Members of the selection committee present during the meeting included: Snehalata Deshmukh (Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University, and the Chairperson of the committee), Sanjeev Pendharkar (Director, VICCO), Mr Dhawale and Deepak Padate from Amar Hind Mandal, Varsha Tawde, renowned Actress Renuka Shahane and Uttara Mone (from MITI creations). During the meeting Uttara Mone explained the attendees the criteria for the selection.

The selection criterion was based on the following aspects:

→ Innovative work for handicapped people and institutions like to develop officers from physically challenged youth, teaching and mentoring blind candidates for higher academics, etc.

→ Taking responsibility of physically challenged girls and boys for residential training and providing hostel facilities and rented house for them.

→ The institutions which provides counseling, training, food, residence, etc. Future plans of these institutions were also taken into consideration.

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The disabled students were also shortlisted along with the organizations on the basis of the inspiration others have taken from them. The candidates along with the institutions were shortlisted after a thorough brainstorming session by the committee members after scrutinizing the applications so far received by MITI Creations. Sanjeev Pendharkar said, “It’s great that eminent personalities took time take out from their busy schedules to attend the meeting. VICCO has always supported such corporate social responsibility events. We received a lot of applications and selection was a challenging task for the entire jury team. We will be recognizing the outstanding performances by these real life heroes.”