Abandoned by her son, Pakeezah actress Geeta Kapoor dies at an old age home in Mumbai

Nation Next Newsroom | May 27, 2018 19:16

Geeta Kapoor, who played the role of Raaj Kumar’s second wife in the movie Pakeezah, was abandoned by her son in a hospital in Mumbai.
Actress Geeta Kapoor at the hospital a year back (L) and in the 1972 movie Pakeezah (R)

Yesteryear actress Geeta Kapoor, who was abandoned by her son a year back, passed away on Saturday morning at an old age home at the age of 67 in Mumbai. The tragic news was shared by filmmaker Ashoke Pandit, who along with film producer Ramesh Taurani, was taking care of the actress since the last one year.

In a statement, Pandit said, “Geetaji finally passed away, we tried our level best to care for her, but she finally gave up. She kept waiting for her children for last one year, but no one came to meet her.”

What’s even more heartbreaking is the fact that her son, Raja, did not even turn up for the last rites of his old mother. A report in SpotboyE quoted Pandit saying, “My anger is increasing by the minute. Raja hasn’t arrived for the last rites. Yes, as I said earlier we will wait for two days as that’s the law if no family member has come forward. It is a shame that he hasn’t turned up yet.” Meanwhile, the actress daughter Aradhya Kapoor, who works as an air hostess, has finally come forward and claimed the body of her mother. Pandit in a tweet wrote that Aradhya plans to cremate her mother secretly and does not even wish Pandit or any other people from the film fraternity to be part of the  final journey.

Kapoor, was admitted in the hospital in April 2017 when she collapsed and became unconscious because of low blood pressure. Her son, Raja, who admitted her to the hospital, abandoned her at the hospital on the pretext of withdrawing money from the ATM. It was after this that Pandit came to the actress’ rescue and paid for the bills at the hospital. In June 2017, Kapoor was shifted to an old age home.

Geeta Kapoor, during her acting career, acted in more than 100 films. One of her most memorable roles was in the 1972 movie Pakeezah, in which she essayed the role of actor Raaj Kumar’s wife.