Uttaran fame actress Tinaa Dattaa molested on Jet Airways flight

Team Nation Next | Dec 11, 2016 20:00

Tinaa Dattaa molested
Actress Tinaa Dattaa

The actress narrated her ‘horrendous experience’ in a text message to Nation Next.

Popular TV actress Tinaa Dattaa got a shock of her life when a co-passenger on a flight from Mumbai to Rajkot sexually harassed her on Dec 9. Tinaa rose to fame with her much acclaimed performance as Ichcha in soap opera Uttaran that ruled the TRP charts on Colors TV from 2008 to 2015.

In a text message to Nation Next, explaining her horrendous experience, she wrote: “This morning, I was travelling to Rajkot from Mumbai on Jet Airways flight 9W 7001. I experienced a horrible incident, which I would like to narrate.

I boarded my flight and was allotted seat number 30A and my manager was seated on 30C. We were discussing some work related topic when suddenly I felt that someone was trying to sneak his hands through the sides. A passenger seated on seat number 31A, by the name of Rajesh, tried to fiddle with me and was touching me inappropriately. At first, I thought it was a kid, but when I turned behind, I was horrified to see a fully-grown man. When I yelled at him, he started stammering and apologised. I called for the airhostess Pooja and her colleague Abhijeet to intervene in the matter, but they were not at all helpful. Instead, they had the audacity to tell me that such things happen and that they would change the man’s seat. I demanded for the man to be deported but I was told that I also had to be deported to file a complaint. I demanded to speak to the captain. After much persuasion, I was allowed to speak to him, but Jagjeevan Singh (the captain) was not friendly. His reaction was one of a disgusted person. His reply to the whole matter was, ‘Before take off, we are not responsible for anything that happens. Post take off we would bear the responsibility.’ My question is: ‘Had this had happened with their family members, would they still have been so calm about the matter?’

Tinaa Duttaa molested
Rajesh, the co-passenger who molested actress Tinaa Dattaa

I felt so violated and yet no one was there to support me, except one family in the entire aircraft. We as Indians do not care for the safety of our fellow beings. No one in entire flight stood up for this, except for that family. Are there no safety measures for the passengers? I got to hear all sorts of excuses as to how the matter was not in the caption’s jurisdiction and nothing could be done. Apparently, this is very common in the flights (according to the air hostess). Finally after many arguments, I had no say as no one came forth for my help.

Second incident on the same flight: While I was having my meal, a passenger in front of me seated on 29A reclined his seat and was not willing to budge despite this having created difficulties for me to eat. Airhostess Diana intervened in this and requested the man to upright his seat, but this man was so rude to her. He started yelling at her. She even warned him that she would call cops on landing but it did not seem to affect him at all.

All the captain had to say was ‘This does not come under our protocol.’

I have some serious questions to ask Jet Airways: Do you not have any safety measures? I was violated and no action was taken, apart from changing the man’s seat. Another person yelling for no rhyme or reason! I never expected this from Jet! I’ve been an ardent flyer with this airline, but I won’t take my chances next time. Truly disgusted with the events that took place this morning!

As Indians, there was no one to raise their voice, everyone sitting on their seats and enjoying the show! This is ridiculous; I wonder if this happened with their family, would they still be this calm? Serious questioning needs to be done…

Tinaa, who’s also worked in cult Bengali film Chokher Bali (2003) and 2005 Hindi hit Parineeta, told us that no action was taken by Jet Airways on her complaint.  When Nation Next asked her whether she reported the issue to the concerned authorities, she said, “I mailed to them but it’s of no use. It’s not about me. It’s about all the girls who are unsafe in this society, and are even unsafe even in a flight. And the best part is that none of the passengers supported me, rather they were supporting that guy and the captain.”

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