After nod from NMC, Nagpur wine shop owners await collector’s orders to resume sales

Amar Ashok Jajoo | May 13, 2020 20:46

After approval from NMC authorising home delivery of liquor, Nagpur wine shop owners are now awaiting the approval from District Collector Ravindra Thakare to resume operations and begin sales.

NMC through its revised guidelines on May 13, allowed home delivery of liquor in the city outside containment zones. NMC’s orders came after Maharashtra Government authorised home delivery of liquor through an order dated May 11.

While NMC’s orders brought joy to tipplers in the city, wine shop owners say that the home delivery cannot begin without orders from the collector. City businessman Girish Dewani, who’s involved in manufacture and sale of liquor, told Nation Next, “We cannot start delivery until we receive orders from collector. We are expecting that the orders will be issued later today and we should be able to begin sales from May 15.

Rajesh Chaurasia, owner of PVK wine shop at Bajaj Nagar, told Nation Next: “We cannot open our shops until we receive an order from the district collector. Also, it is not clear as to how we can conduct online sales. How will the customer contact us? We are expecting that when the orders to reopen our establishments are issued, guidelines as to how to conduct online delivery of liquor are also specified.”