Ahmedabad doctor says hospital split wards on religious basis on state govt.’s order; denies later

Radhika Dhawad | Apr 16, 2020 13:19

Ahmedabad Civil Hospital segregated its wards that were dedicated to COVID-19 patients (including positive and suspected cases) on the basis of their religion.

As per a report published in Indian Express, “Medical Superintendent Dr Gunvant H Rathod at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital said two wards have been kept aside, one for Hindu patients and another for Muslims. This has been done as per the state government’s order. However, Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Nitin Patel denied any knowledge of it.”

Dr Rathod said to Indian Express: “Generally, there are separate wards for male and female patients. But here, we have made separate wards for Hindu and Muslim patients.”

When asked about the reason for doing so, he claimed, “It is a decision of the government and you can ask them.” Out of 186, 150 admitted in the hospital are COVID-19 positive and at least 40 of the 150 are Muslims.

Deputy CM Patel said he was not aware of such a decision. He said, “Generally, there are separate wards for males and females. I will enquire about it.”

However, Rathod later clarified, The news which has appeared in some dailies has misquoted me, that “we have made separate wards for Muslims & Hindus.” This report in my name is false and baseless and I condemn it.”


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