Meet India’s first transgender lead actress – Anjali Ameer

Gursshheen Gahllen | Feb 3, 2017 16:57

Malayalam superstar Mammootty introduced his co-star, Anjali Ameer, a transsexual, who will play the lead role in a bilingual movie directed by Ram.
Anjali Ameer

In what can be called a first and a new chapter in Indian Cinema, Malayalam superstar Mammootty recently introduced his co-star on social media, Anjali Ameer, a transsexual, who is all set to play the lead role in a bilingual movie (Tamil and Malayalam), which is directed by Ram. The movie is set to be released later this year. While the Tamil version will be called ‘Peranbu’, the Malayalam one is yet to be named.

The 21-year-old model turned actress, was born in a Muslim family in Kerala’s Kozhikode. She lost her mother at a very early age and her father a couple of years back. Since her childhood days, Anjali was always passionate about acting and to pursue her dreams she would always participate in youth festivals to showcase her talent. At the beginning of her modelling career, not many people were aware about her sexuality. It was only after she was dropped from a TV show, which became a controversy, most of them came to know about her sexuality.

Anjali felt feminine and in early 20s and even went through a sex change surgery. Anjali faced a lot of criticism not only from outsiders but also from her family members. Due to which she ran away from her home and started living with transgender community in Coimbatore and Bengaluru. Later, after much protest her family accepted her for who she was. They requested her to come back home and since then have been a constant support and her strength.

With her first movie ready to hit the screens, Anjali has been getting a handful of offers from Tamil and Telugu too. Anjali has definitely set a mark not only in Indian Cinema but also has become an inspiration for other people from her community to come out in open and pursue their dreams.

Way to go Anjali!