Ankit Tiwari collaborates with Nagpur musicians Mohit-Sayam for song dedicated to ‘Corona Warriors’

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Apr 29, 2020 23:12

Ankit Tiwari

Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari, who has sung popular songs like ‘Sunn Raha Hain Na Tu’ and ‘Galliyan’ among many others, has collaborated with musicians Mohit-Sayam for a song dedicated to Corona Warriors. The song has been written by Mohit-Sayam, who now work in Mumbai, and has been sung by Ankit Tiwari.

Speaking to Nation Next, Mohit said, “Our song ‘Salaam Hai’ is dedicated to doctors, police personnel, government officials and all others, who are working tirelessly to protect and to help citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Mohit added, “Sayam and I composed and wrote the entire song over video calls. Later, Ankit sir recorded the song at his home studio and sent the files to me and I produced it at my home studio. After completion, the files were mailed to our mix engineer for mixing. The entire project has been accomplished digitally.”

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Mohit Manuja (left) and Sayam Qureshi (right)

Sayam said, “Corona Warriors have been working for us day and night while staying away from their loved ones and by being at maximum risk. This song is a tribute to such warriors. This is the least we can do for them.” Interestingly, many other influencers and television stars will appear in the video of the song. Samuel Timothy, who’s the producer of the video, said, “We have roped in many television actors and digital influencers for the video of the song, which is going to be a very big surprise for everybody.”

The song is expected to be released in the first week of May on YouTube and other social media and streaming platforms.