Shivaji’s biggest enemy Aurangzeb also appreciated his administration qualities: VIA

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 19, 2018 14:12

L TO R: Neelam Bowade, Ashit Sinha, Sumant Tekade and Suhas Buddhe

HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) , chaired by Hemant Loda, had organised an inspiring and motivational talk on “Chhatrapati Shivaji and his Management Skills” by Prof Sumant Tekade on 17th April at VIA Hall, Udyog Bhavan in Nagpur. In his inspiring speech, Tekade said that in today’s competitive edge also Shivaji’s management is ideal for all of us. He said that Shivaji Maharaja’s leadership qualities, planning, aggressive thinking, attitude, etc., are the best examples of flawless management.

He said, “Instant reward after doing a good job and immediate punishment after committing an offence was Shivaji’s simple formula. He took strict action against those who misbehaved with women and those who indulged in anti social activities. Shivaji was leading his empire from the front. He always took the initiative and faced every challenge that was posed by different enemies. Shivaji led the army while attacking Afzal Khan, Shaysta Khan and Surat.

In his inspiring presentation, Tekade mentioned that Shivaji never used to initiate any war or attack without flawless planning. His intelligence department was very active and they used to give necessary inputs depending, on which Shivaji used to plan. Attack on Surat, post Afzal Khan’s conquest and escape from Agra are the biggest examples of his flawless planning.

He added, “All his contemporary kings appreciated Shivaji’s disciplined administration, his personnel management, taxation policies, his navy, cavalry, his forts, and affluent treasury. Even Aurangzeb, who was Shivaji’s biggest enemy, appreciated Shivaji’s qualities time to time. After coming back from Agra, Shivaji did a thorough SWOT analysis and started defeating all his enemies on all the fronts. To strengthen his empire financially, he revised taxation policies, promoted small scale businesses, supported farming, attacked major business centres of Mughals and started artillery factory.”

He focused that today’s young entrepreneurs and management students should understand Shivaji’s management techniques to be successful in their respective fields. He concluded by saying, “There is a necessity to conduct such kinds of programs to motivate people to excel in their own life.”

While Suhas Buddhe, VIA President, gave the welcome note, Neelam Bowade conducted the program and Ashit Sinha gave the vote of thanks. Entrepreneurs, professionals and management students of the city were present in huge numbers for the program.

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