Author Anu Singh Choudhary discusses her books at ‘Kalam’ in Nagpur

Nation Next Newsroom | Nov 25, 2019 19:26
Photojournalist: Bhavesh Mahalle

Journalist-turned-author Anu Singh Choudhary visited Nagpur recently to share her insights on writing and discuss her books at a session called Kalam – Apni Bhasha, Apne Log. This one of a kind session, which is an initiative by Kolkata-based Prabha Khaitan Foundation to promote Hindi language authors, was 3rd such session in the city.

The event was organized by Ehsaas Women of Nagpur in association with Hotel Radisson Blu and Lokmat. Ehsaas team consists of: Parveen Tuli, Priyanka Kothari, Monica Bhagwagar, Jyoti Kapoor and Neeta Singh.

During the session moderated by Kothari, Choudhary spoke about writing pertaining to news, TV, blogs, film reviews, web series, translations, movie scripts and contemporary writing in India. Kothari and Choudhary particularly discussed the author’s three books: Neela Scarf – an anthology of 12 poems, Mumma ki Diary – a parenting book in form of a memoir and her latest novel Bhali Ladkiyan Buri Ladkiyan.

Speaking about her latest book, Choudhary said that, “There are not bad girls, there are just bad habits!” The signed copies of her novel were given to the book lovers present during the session. Speaking about the session with Choudhary, Kothari said, “Anu Singh Choudhary is so humble and down-to-earth despite her accomplishments in her field. I’m happy that the budding writers in Nagpur got to know more about writing through my conversation with her.”

Talking about Choudhary’s books, Jyoti Kapoor said, “One can so connect with Anu’s books like Bhali Ladkiyan Buri Ladkiyan and Neela Scarf. Her stories leave you with a lot of questions in mind to ponder upon. Her short stories have a strong connect with the reader.”

Speaking about Neela Scarf, Parveen Tuli added, “I loved the way Anu dived deep into human mind and discussed the polarity of right and wrong in the book. The book is intriguing and interesting at the same time.”