Beat the heat in style at Skye Sundowner Pool Party in Nagpur on June 15

    Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 12, 2019 20:18

    Nagpur ladies will be able to beat the heat in style at the Skye Sundowner Pool Party to be held at Hotel’s Tuli Imperial’s Ru-oo-fh 180 on June 15 from 4pm to 7pm. The party will be organised by Emprize Event and Entertainment in association with Nation Next as the media partner.

    Speaking about the pool party, which is exclusively for ladies above the age of 18, Reet Methai, Owner of Emprize Event and Entertainment, said, “A sundowner pool party exclusively for women is a very rare thing in Nagpur. Through the Skye Sundowner Pool Party, we want to give these ladies a relaxed and fun time. The idea is also to celebrate the spirit of womanhood.

    The tickets sale for the pool party has already begun and the party is getting a good response from women. Reet added, “Ladies who wish to join the party with their friends, can have the tickets at discounted prices. Also, through our associate partners, ladies attending the party will have a chance to win some amazing gift vouchers.”

    To know more about Skye Sundowner Pool Party, contact: +918888803946