Bengal man issued voter ID card with dog’s photo on it

Anuja Parate | Mar 5, 2020 15:43

In a shocking incidence, Sunil Karmakar, a residence of Ramnagar village in Murshidabad, West Bengal, was issued a voter ID card with a dog’s picture on it.

As per reports, Karmakar had applied for a correction in his voter ID card and when he received the updated card he was stunned to see a dog’s photo instead of his own.

An infuriated Karmakar said, “Yesterday I was called at Dulal Smirti School and this voter ID card was given to me. I saw the photo on my card, officer there signed and gave it to me but didn’t see the photo. This is playing with my dignity. I will go to the BDO office and request that this should not happen again.”

Rajarshi Chakraborty, the Block Development Officer (BDO), informed that the picture has already been corrected and karmakar will get the revised ID card with correct photo. Chakraborty also informed that the administration will look up to the Karmakar’s charge that the error was intentional to humiliate him.