Boy made to apologise for proposing his lady love in public

Gursshheen Gahllen | Mar 19, 2017 22:09

A young boy in Bhiwandi who proposed the love of his life publicly has made the local community leaders furious who forced him apologise.

A young boy who in Bhiwandi, Mumbai proposed the love of his life in the middle of the road has made the local community leaders furious thereby creating problems for the couple and their family.  These leaders apparently found the public display of affection ‘unislamic.’

The problem for the couple started when the video of the boy proposing the girl vent viral a few days back. In the video which was shot on March 11, Pervez (name changed) can be seen proposing his lady love Sakina (name changed) in the middle of a busy road with a rose by going down on his knees. Pervez then hugged Sakina after which the couple then left in his car.

When the video was seen by leaders of the local Muslim community including the National Lokhind Party and Raza Academy, they found the act against the principles of their religion and threatened to protest against it. While Shakeel Raza, Secretary of Raza Academy, demanded an apology Baddiuzzaman Khan, President of National Lokhind Party wanted the couple to squats in public as a punishment!

Pervez now fearing these communities has apologised in a video message. He said in the message that what he did was wrong and he will never make such a ‘mistake’ again. Meanwhile, Sakina’s father told The Times of India: “We are upset. My daughter has threatened to commit suicide if the harassment does not stop. It’s unethical of some people to react in this way over a silly mistake.”

It has also been reported that the couple has left the city as they felt horrified and unsafe.