Unemployment is only in media reports: BJP chief Amit Shah

Radhika Dhawad | May 26, 2017 20:55

BJP Chief Amit Shah
Amit Shah

BJP National President Amit Shah on Friday refuting media’s allegations of unemployment said that joblessness (during Modi Govt.) is not anywhere but in media reports.

Shah at the BJP headquarters told reporters, “There’s no system to get accurate assessment about the availability of jobs. It’s impossible to provide employment through jobs in a country with 125 crore people. We have tried to create self-employment opportunities for about eight crore people.”

Shah further refuting reports about increasing unemployment by a media person , said, “Where have jobs gone? These are newspaper reports. Do you consider newspaper reports as truth? People don’t.”

The BJP, in its 2014 poll manifesto, rued that the country under the UPA faced ‘ten years of jobless growth.’

Also, terming Modi as the ‘most popular public figure’ post independence, Shah refused the charge that the BJP was carrying out a witch-hunt against opposition leaders.