Obscene Lavani dance at event organised by Amravati BJP MLA Anil Bonde draws criticism

Nation Next Newsroom | Feb 15, 2019 17:37

Screen grabs from the video of the dance routine

BJP MLA Anil Bonde from Morshi in Amravati district has drawn criticism for an obscene Lavani dance performance, which took place at ‘Krishi Vikas Parishad’ organised by Bonde for the upliftment of farmers. In the video, a man is seen dancing with another man, who’s dressed as a female. Needless to say, the dance video has gone viral over social media and Bonde is receiving flak from leaders of opposition parties.

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Bonde defended the video by saying that the dance was a traditional art form and that ‘urbanites’ may not understand it. TOI quoted Bonde as saying, “I refuse to be apologetic about the dance. It’s a traditional dance form like ‘khadi gammat’ of Vidarbha. The boy dressed as a girl is a bank employee and the man seen dancing along is the naib tehsildar.” Bonde said that it was a traditional dance form called ‘Dandar’ in which a male is dressed as a female. Bonde said that there was no female presence at all on the stage.

Here’s the video: