Bollywood actress Mink Brar miffed with Mumbai-based fashion agency for misusing her pictures

Radhika Dhawad | Nov 22, 2016 17:24

Bollywood actress Mink Brar
Bollywood actress Mink Brar

A Mumbai-based fashion agency is apparently roping young Bollywood aspirants into auditions by illegally using the name of Bollywood actress Mink Brar.

For past few days, certain advertisements about the auditions of a talent hunt ‘Bollywood Mr and Miss India – 2016’ have been doing the rounds on social media. Also, on the website of ‘Studio 19 Films’ (, the fashion agency, which is organising the event, the advertisement of the talent hunt sporting the pictures of Bollywood stars like Arbaaz Khan, Ameesha Patel and Mink Brar is published.

When Nation Next spoke with Mink Brar, who was supposed to visit Nagpur yesterday for the auditions, the actress appeared quite shocked to know that her pictures were still being used as her endorsement of the event. “I’m appalled as my name is being grossly misused by the organisers of this event. Earlier, they had signed a deal with me to take auditions in 30 odd cities but after visiting three cities only (in Punjab), I realised that it was not being professionally managed. Also, they had told me that while they would only charge Rs 1000 as registration fee from boys, the girls would be registered free of cost for the auditions. But then, I saw them collecting Rs 40,000 from the candidates who got through the semi-finale. When I objected to it, they told me that they would get back to me for rest of the (auditions) tour after making amends in their system. After that I never heard from them. But yeah, I got to know that they later illegally used my name and fliers, sporting my pictures for the publicity of their auditions in Delhi. And now you are telling me that they tried to do the same in Nagpur. It’s really sad!”

When Nation Next correspondent, posing as an aspiring actor, called up on the phone number published in the advertisement of ‘Bollywood Mr and Miss India 2016,’ a certain Preeti Oberoi picked up the call and confirmed the association of Mink Brar with the event.

On asking what action she would like to take against Studio 19 Films for misusing using her name, Mink said,” I’m shocked and clueless for now, but I would like to appeal to my fans to not to get carried away by anyone. And please don’t give away your hard earned money in the name of auditions to anybody making false promises!”