Bring your own jokes: Nagpurians try their hand at standup comedy for the first time!

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Nov 16, 2016 20:57

The first ever open mic for standup comedy in Nagpur – Bring Your Own Jokes (BYOJ) – in association with Nation Next concluded on a high note at ‘Chaos Theory – The coworking space’ recently. The unique event which was curated by Nagpur based ‘Paperboat Entertainment’ saw 12 Nagpur comedy enthusiasts try their hand at standup comedy for the first time!

Full house!

The show which was free to all was a complete full house. While some people who came early were fortunate enough to find seats, some didn’t mind standing to witness the show! Sukhada Chaudhary (owner of Chaos Theory – The coworking space) along with Ankit Bhuptani (co-founder of Paperboat Entertainment along with Nagpur standup comedian Jitesh Vasani) were seen making sure that everybody fits in and has a good time. And this was again ensured by city performers Darryl Grant and Sneha who churned out western and Bollywood numbers for the people present at the start of the show. When they sung ‘Hero’ by Enrique, some in the audience sang along.

The event was hosted by Jitesh, who has earned quite a reputation in Nagpur as a standup comedian. Jitesh started off the show with his hilarious take on all things Nagpur. He joked about the way people talk in Nagpur, how Nagpurians compare Futala with the Marine Drive and also revealed why he can’t right a joke about Nagpur’s Ram Jhoola quickly!

To laugh or not to laugh

Twelve comedy enthusiasts (10 boys and 2 girls) from Nagpur tried their hand at standup comedy for the first time. These participants belonged to diverse backgrounds and different age-groups. The contestants were Rafiya Fatima, Viddesh Gharpure, Ashutosh Agarwal, Krishna Bhuptani, Rohan Chugh, Sahil Ramteke, Shiva Sharma, Shivam Kalda, Neha Bobde, Yash Chowdhary, Mohammad Zeeshan and Murtuza Vana.

The contestants were given four minutes to make people laugh. At the end of the three and half minutes, they were shown a flash light which meant that they had just 30 seconds left for their performance. While most of these participants were super nervous, many of them did leave an impact on the audience. Even the participants who couldn’t make the audience laugh even a bit were being encouraged by the audience.

During the first half of the show, chartered accountancy student Shiva Sharma left the audience in splits as he explained how during his childhood days peeing was a game! Yash Chowdhary raised his doubts over often used English slangs and gave it a altogether different perspective. City Entrepreneur Mohammad Zeeshan too enthralled the audience as he presented some of the hilarious pickup lines Nagpurians can use. One of these hilarious pickup line was: ‘Hey are you Poonam? Because I want to enter your chambers!’

In the second half, Sahil Ramteke gave an hilarious account of how people make jokes on him because he’s color blind. His joke wherein he told that ‘A friend once gave me a Rubik’s cube for my birthday’ created a laughter riot! As the show wrapped up, contestants were being complimented for their performances and the organisers were being congratulated and that was testimony to the fact that they had excelled in doing what they wanted to do: Promote the standup comedy culture in Nagpur!

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Photos by: Amar Ashok Jajoo