British Airways offloads Indian family from plane after 3-yr-old child cries inconsolably

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 9, 2018 22:09

British Airways recently offloaded an Indian family traveling with them as their three-year-old child cried inconsolably in the flight. The shocking incident took place on July 23 on a London-Berlin flight (BA 8495).

An officer of the 1984 batch of the Indian Engineering Services, he registered a complaint regarding the same with the aviation minister Suresh Prabhu. The officer alleged that he was humiliated and was meted out with racial behaviour.

The officer as per a report in The Economic Times, in his letter, wrote, “My wife fastened the seat belt to my three-year-old baby… (Seated on a separate seat) my son felt uncomfortable and started crying. My wife managed to (comfort) him by taking him in her arms…. male crew member approached us and started shouting.. scolded my son to go to his seat. My son got terrified and started crying (inconsolably). (An)other Indian family sitting behind us offered the child some biscuits to console him. My wife again put the boy on his designated seat and fastened the seat belt even though he kept on crying.”

Soon, the same crewmember came again and shouted at the child saying, “You bloody keep quiet otherwise you will be thrown out of the window.” The security staff took away the boarding passes of the officer and the Indians seated behind them.

As per the same report, the British Airways spokesperson said, “We take such claims like this extremely seriously and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We have started a full investigation and are in direct contact with the customer.”