Broad daylight murder at Ramnagar: Four assailants axe a 35-yr-old to death

Juhi Sethi | Feb 1, 2017 18:47

Broad daylight murder at Ramnagar
Pravin Chandrabhan Kuhike

→In a horrific incident today at Ramnagar, four unidentified assailants, armed with axes and knives, mercilessly murdered 35-year-old man Pravin Chandrabhan Kuhike in full public view.

→The incident took place today at 9:30 am when Kuhike went to buy groceries from a daily needs store at Ramnagar near Shiv Mandir.

→Kuhike’s aunt Vijya Chopre told Nation Next that the murderers have revenged the death of Nilesh Karauti, who was murdered on December 19, 2016. “Last month, Nilesh’s father Vitthal Karauti threatened us to kill Pravin and my son, as he was under the impression that our children were involved in Nilesh’s murder. We didn’t take his intimidation seriously then. Look, now what they have done to my nephew. I’m afraid that they would kill my son too,” said Vijya.

→Our sources in Ambazari Police Station told us that Vitthal Karauti had been detained for interrogation.

→Kuhike was a resident of Telankhedi Road, Nagpur. He is survived by his wife Jayshree, two children and three sisters. Kuhike was the sole earner in his family.

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