BS Yeddyurappa resigns as Karnataka CM before facing floor test

Nation Next Newsroom | May 19, 2018 17:11

Supreme Court today ordered a floor test in Karnataka Assembly at 4 pm on Saturday for BS Yeddyurappa to prove a majoirty.
BS Yeddyurappa

Politician BS Yeddyurappa, who was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka for the third time on May 17, resigned from the CM post on Saturday, just two days after becoming the CM. Yeddyurappa chose to resign before the floor test in Karnataka Assembly to determine whether he has the required majority to sustain his government in Karnataka.

The politician gave an emotional speech in the assembly wherein he said that only if the people whould have given the BJP 113 seats instead of 104, the government would have made the state a paradise. He thanked PM Narendra Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah for their support and the people of the state for the mandate and added that he will fight for the state till his last breath. Yeddyurappa also said that he wanted to form the government to help the people of the state, especially the farmers and the poor. The politician then announced that he will resign and will head to Raj Bhavan to inform the governor of the same.

Meanwhile several politicians, reacting to Yeddyurappa’s resignation, has called it a win for democracy.