Supreme Court asks Centre to seize Dawood Ibrahim’s property

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 20, 2018 13:39

Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood Ibrahim

The Supreme Court on Friday instructed the Central Government to seize the  properties of Dawood Ibrahim – one of the world’s most wanted terrorists and underworld don – in Mumbai.

Justice RK Agrawal dismissed Ibrahim’s sister Hasina Parker and mother Amina Bi Kaskar’s plea against the government’s decision to attach the don’s properties. Instead, they claimed that the properties belonged to the underworld don.

Dawood’s sister and mother (both dead) had taken the possession of his prime properties in Nagpada in Mumbai. However, in 1988, the government had sealed Dawood’s properties under SAFEMA (Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators Act), an act that allows the government to seize the properties of smugglers, foreign exchange manipulators and their relatives.

Dawood’s mother and sister had challenge the government’s decision to takeover the properties in 1988, which were initiated after 1993 serial blast in Mumbai, in which hundreds of innocent were killed.

However, the government had provided several opportunities to Amina and Hasina to acquire their properties by showing their legal sources of income, but no valid document was filed for the same.

According to reports, Dawood’s mother and sister had seven residential properties in their names (two in Amina’s and five in Hasina’s name).

The property, which are worth crores, were brought with the don’s illegal wealth.

As per a report in Deccan Chronicle, in November 2017, the ministry of finance, under the act SAFEMA (Forfeiture of Property) auctioned three south Mumbai properties belonging to the fugitive don for Rs 11.58 crores. The three properties were the Hotel Raunaq Afroz, also known as Delhi Zaika, Shabnam Guest House and six rooms in Damarwala building.

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