Chandrakant Gundewar elected as president of Nagpur’s Indian Gymkhana

Nation Next Newsroom | Nov 25, 2019 15:50

The new committee of Nagpur’s Indian Gymkhana

During the election held on November 24, 2019, Chandrakant Gundewar was elected unopposed as the new President of Indian Gymkhana in Nagpur. The members of the new committee were also elected unopposed.

Those who were elected include: Chandrakant Gundewar (President), Rajendra Awasthi (Secretary), Vilas Harde (Treasurer), Abhay Kshirsagar, Avinash Tarpe, Bipin Bonde and Vinay Zade.

For the post of the secretary, Awasthi defeated Pramod Dubey by a huge margin as he got 308 votes and Dubey got 78 out of 388 votes. Harde became the treasurer as he got 285 votes against Ghanshyam Rathi, who got 101 votes.

The election was conducted by advocate Nitin Vyawhare as election officer.