‘Chehal Pehal’ is a befitting tribute to William Shakespeare on his 400th death anniversary

Gursshheen Gahllen | Nov 13, 2016 19:12

Stagecraft’s – Chehal Pehal – a play directed (in English and Hindustani) by Nagpur theatre veteran Vikash Khurana was staged at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Intellectual Property Management (RGIIPM), Civil Lines, Nagpur recently. Chehal Pehal is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s comic English play ‘Much Ado about nothing’. While Shakespeare’s play is believed to be written in 1599, Chehal Pehal’s storyline is set in the 1970’s in New Delhi, India.

The play explores Shakespeare’s plot and characters in a time of resurgent national pride post emergency. The plot revolves around two couples; the first couple being Kamal (played Anup Mohan Singh) and Harini (played by Shruti Mundada). Kamal falls in love with Harini and their marriage is later agreed upon. Then there is Bulbul (played by Krutika Rangari) and Bansi (played by Leonard Leo) who despise love and engage in comic banter but their friends and family conspire to make them fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, Jagdish (played by Nitish Chandra),  a cousin, conspires to keep them apart.

Adaptations are often tough and more so when the play being adapted is written by someone as great as Shakespeare. Set in a different time and place, Stagecraft’s Chehal Pehal is a refreshing and entertaining portrayal of the original play. Chehal Pehal was staged as a tribute to Shakespeare on this 400th death anniversary and boy it truly was!

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Photos by: Himanshu Pal