Congress not eligible to table disqualification motion against Mayor Nanda Jichkar: Sandip Joshi

Report by: Tejaswini Thote

Edited by: Amar Ashok Jajoo

Sep 21, 2018 19:24
BJP Leader and Ruling Party Leader (NMC) Sandip Joshi (File Photo: Himanshu Pal/Nation Next)

While the Congress party is planning to table a disqualification motion against Mayor Nanda Jichkar in Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) general body meeting on September 24, Ruling Party Leader Sandip Joshi is of the opinion that Congress is not eligible to do the same.

Speaking to Nation Next, Joshi said, “There will be no disqualification motion against the Mayor! Congress has a total number of 29 corporators in Nagpur whereas to table a disqualification motion against a Mayor, a party needs at least 50 corporators in NMC. Congress isn’t eligible to table the disqualification motion.” BJP has 108 corporators in NMC.

Jichkar has been receiving flak from Congress for taking her son Priyash as her private secretary on an official US trip. Jichkar had gone to the US on September 12 to attend a meeting organised by Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM), which is an international association of city networks and their members committed towards raising global awareness for climate action. Along with Mayor Jichkar’s trip, her son’s trip was also sponsored by GCoM as Mayor’s private secretary.

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Congress leaders, along with planning to table the disqualification motion, are also demanding Nanda Jichkar’s resignation. When Nation Next spoke to NMC Opposition Leader and corporator Tanaji Wanve, he said, “Mayor Nanda Jichkar has misguided the American embassy by posing her son as her private secretary and taking him along to an official US tour. A Mayor is responsible for the city’s reputation. Jichkar has ruined Nagpur’s reputation. Either Jichkar should herself resign or BJP should ask her to resign.”