Congress MLA slaps woman police constable in Shimla, gets slapped in return

Nation Next Newsroom | Dec 29, 2017 12:49

Asha Kumari, Congress MLA from Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh.

When Asha Kumari, a Congress MLA from Himachal Pradesh, slapped a woman constable in Shimla on Friday, she was not at all expecting what would come in return. Not someone who would take an insult just like that, the woman constable slapped the MLA back!

Kumari was apparently stopped by the police and denied entry to a meeting held by Congress President Rahul Gandhi at the party headquarters. This angered her and she slapped the constable. As per a report, Kumari later apologised for the incident saying, “She (police constable) abused me and pushed me, she should have shown restrain. I am her mother’s age, but yes I agree I should not have lost my temper. I apologise.”