Coronavirus is 10 times deadlier than Swine Flu: WHO

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 15, 2020 14:23

During a virtual media briefing on COVID-19 held from Geneva recently, WHO  (World Health Organisation) Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that coronavirus is 10 times more deadly than the swine flu, also called as H1N1, which caused global crisis in 2009.

Ghebreyesus said, “Some countries are considering when they can lift these restrictions, others are considering whether and when to introduce the restrictions. In both cases, these decisions must be based first and foremost of protecting human health, and guided by what we know about the virus and how it behaves.”

“We know that COVID-19 spreads fast and we know that it is deadlier than swine flu,” Ghebreyesus said in the virtual briefing.

“However, while COVID-19 accelerates very fast, it decelerates much more slowly, that means that control measures must be lifted slowly and with control. Control measures can only be lifted if the right public health measures are in place, including significant capacity for contact tracing,” WHO Chief Ghebreyesus added.