60 Seconds Story: Couple commits suicide by hanging itself together

Suyash Sethiya | Feb 17, 2017 19:46

Couple Suicide

→ In yet another shocking incident, a young couple committed suicide by hanging itself together today at Bhaurao Nagar, Nagpur. The deceased have been identified as Ritu Singh (name changed) and Sonu Habib Sheikh (21).

→ According to the Lakadganj Police, Ritu was staying with her mother in Bhaurao Nagar on rent at a house owned by Namdeo Wankhede, whereas Sonu was a resident of Subhan Nagar at Pardi. While Ritu’s mother is a maid, Sonu was a driver along with his brother.

→ Ritu and Sonu were in a relationship with each other for a while. On 15th February, Wednesday, Ritu and Sonu went out to have dinner after which they came back to Ritu’s house at around 5 am.  Since Ritu’s mother knew that the couple was sleepless for an entire night, she decided not to disturb them and let them sleep.

→ When Ritu and Sonu did not come out of their room till 8pm, Ritu’s mother called her and knock the room’s door continuously. When she did not get any reply, she peeped in from a window and saw both Ritu and Sonu hanging from the ceiling. She then immediately called the landlord Namdeo Wankhede for help.

→ Wankhede and Ritu’s mother then informed Lakadganj Police Station. After visiting the crime spot, the police found distilled water, syringes, cold drinks and cigarettes in the room but did not find any suicide note.

→ PI Satyawan Mane of Lakadganj Police registered the case and sent the body for post-mortem. Further investigations are in process.