COVID-19 patient dies after family unplugs ventilator to switch on cooler

Radhika Dhawad | Jun 19, 2020 14:43

In an unusual incident, a COVID-19 patient in Kota, Rajasthan died after his family unplugged the ventilator to switch on cooler to combat the scorching heat at Maharao Bhimsingh Hospital (MBS) hospital on Monday.

Medical Superintendent Naveen Saxena said a committee has been formed to investigate the death of the COVID-19 patient. The family unplugged the ventilator and put on the cooler switch, which they had brought from outside. The ventilator worked for some time on the battery but later it collapsed and the patient turned critical.

Soon doctors came rushing to save the patient’s life but the later succumbed. The relatives, on the other hand, reportedly attacked the resident doctors after the patient died.

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