COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms to not undergo test during discharge

Nation Next Newsroom | May 9, 2020 19:06

As per the revised policy by Union Health Ministry about discharge of COVID-19 patients from hospital, COVID-19 patients with mild and very mild symptoms and pre-symptomatic patients will not be needed to undergo coronavirus test during the time of discharge from hospital after resolution of symptoms. Such patients can be discharged after 10 days of symptom onset and no fever for three days.

The revised policy states that patients developing severe illness or having compromised immunity will have to test negative through RT-PCR test before being discharged from hospital. According to the rules till now, a patient was considered to be fit for discharge if the person tested negative on day 14 and then again on day 15.

Union Health Ministry said, “The revised discharge policy is aligned with the guidelines on the 3 tier COVID-19 facilities and the categorization of patients based on clinical severity.” Additionally, the discharge criteria for severe cases, including immunocompromised like HIV patients, transplant recipients, and those having malignancy will be based on clinical recovery and of patient testing negative  once by RT-PCR after resolution of symptoms.