COVID-19 positive doctor booked for travelling from Mumbai to Bhuj without permission

Nation Next Newsroom | May 12, 2020 17:17

A 22-year-old female doctor has been booked by police for travelling from Mumbai to Bhuj without permission despite being tested positive for Coronavirus a few days earlier. On noticing the offence, a police constable, with ‘B’ division police station of Bhuj, on May 9, filed a complaint against the doctor, who was working as an intern in Mumbai’s JJ Hospital.

As per the police, the doctor was tested for coronavirus on May 3 and her reports came back positive on May 4. Superintendent of Kutch (West) police, Saurabh Tolumbia informed that the woman had left from Mumbai the same day her results came out and arrived at her hometown (Bhuj) on May 5, without taking any due permission from the authorities. Hence, based on the warning from the health officials, the doctor was been booked under various sections of Indian Penal Code.

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Collector of Kutch, Praveena DK said that matter came to light only after an official went to the doctor’s residence at Vijay Nagar in Bhuj on May 9. The doctor has now been admitted to the isolation ward of GK General Hospital in Bhuj.