Cricketers cry foul over ‘most boundaries’ rule which led to England World Cup win

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 15, 2019 18:16

England team celebrates win over New Zeland in the ICC Circket World Cup 2019 final
England team poses with World Cup trophy after defeating New Zealand in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 final held at Lord’s in London. 

Quite a few prominent cricketers have expressed disappointed over the ‘most boundaries’ rule, which led to England’s first ever Cricket World Cup title.

For the uninitiated, in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 finals held at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London on July 14, New Zealand had scored 241 runs batting first. Chasing the target, England scored 241 and tied the match. The match then went into a ‘Super Over.’

Both teams scored 15 runs each in the super over thereby leading to a tie once again. However, England was announced as the winner of the World Cup as per the ‘Super Over’ rule. The rule states that in case a super over fails to break the tie in the final, the team that hot more boundaries (fours and sixes combined) wins the trophy.

Some cricketers expressed their views on Twitter about the rule calling it ridiculous and cruel.

Here are some reactions: