Cyber Cell nabs admins of FB page ‘Lit Memes Nagpur’ for spreading rumours

Sneha Shah | May 2, 2020 20:21

Cyber Cell along with Sadar Police recently arrested two youngsters, owners of a FB page called ‘’Lit Memes Nagpur,’ for spreading rumours by circulating a fake message and attributing it to Nagpur Municipal Corporation Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe.

As per the police, the youngsters Aditya Mukesh Tarale (20) and Rahul Budhharatna Taksande (21), on April 24, posted a message on their other FB page ‘Nagpur Memes Corporation’ with the message that because of less pollution, the water of Nag River is now ‘drinkable.’ The youngsters further wrote that NMC will be providing water from Nag River to the citizens. The message was attributed by the youngsters to NMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe.

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After the admins were nabbed by cyber cell, they were charged with sections 188, 500, 505(1)(B) of the IPC read with Section 54 of the Disaster Management Act and Section 3 of the Epidemic Diseases Act.

On April 28, the duo posted a public apology on the FB page ‘Lit Memes Nagpur.’ The apology read, “We put several good and bad memes on this page but we crossed certain limits. We are deeply sorry. We request all meme pages to create memes while adhering to certain limits.”  The FB page has over 32k likes and has not been updated since April 28.