Spiritual leader Dada Vaswani passes away at the age of 99 in Pune

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 12, 2018 13:17

Dada JP Vaswani (Photo Source: sadhuvaswani.org)

Spiritual leader Dada JP Vaswani also known as Dada Vaswani, who was the chief of Sadhu Vaswani Mission, passed away on Thursday in Pune at the age of 99 due to old-age related ailments. The spiritual leader died at the mission premises after being discharged on Wednesday night from a private hospital where he was admitted couple of days back.

Dada Vaswani was born on August 2, 1918, in Pakistan’s Hyderabad city in a Sindhi family. Sadhu Vaswani mission was planning a grand celebration to mark the spiritual leader’s 100th birthday next month. His mortal remains have been kept at the mission premises so that his followers can pay their last respects.

The spiritual leader, who was known for promoting vegetarianism and animal rights, was regarded as a humanitarian, philosopher, orator, educator and a non-sectarian spiritual leader. His millions of followers also included some of the most prominent people in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in fact addressed the spiritual leader’s 99th birthday celebrations last year through a video link. Modi had visited the mission in 2013 when he was the CM of Gujarat. Senior BJP leader LK Advani was also a frequent visitor at the mission.