DAIMSR alumni meet brings its former students together to bond with current students

Sneha Shah | May 1, 2018 18:56

Dr Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research (DAIMSR), recently held an alumni meet at the college auditorium. The meet was inaugurated by Dr Nirzar Kulkarni (Associate Director, DAIMSR). At the DAIMSR alumni meet, around 100 former students from different batches of the institute, came under one roof to relive their golden college days.

The meet started traditionally with the lighting of lamp and was followed by an address by Dr Sudhir Fulzele (Director, DAIMSR). Dr Fulzele during his speech praised the achievements of alumni of the institute in all spheres of life. He expressed pride at the fact that the alumni of the institute are currently holding key positions in various government organizations, PSUs, private sector companies, academic Institutions, etc. He also mentioned that how some of the alumni are successful entrepreneurs and are thereby job providers. Dr Fulzele praised the contribution of the alumni towards the growth of their alma mater and emphasized the need for further strengthening the bond between the alumni and DAIMSR current students.

Dr Saket Bansod (Assistant Professor, DAIMSR) while welcoming the former students ueged them to help for better placement of current and future students of DAIMSR and schedule future activities by making an alumni association.

It was heartening to see many former students sharing their memorable experiences during their time at the college.

At the end of the DAIMSR alumni meet, faculties and former students agreed to strengthen the bond between the alumnis and current DAIMSR students to enable the former to help the later with respect to training, placement and career counseling.