Nagpur gears up for Dance Evolution grand finale at Deshpande Hall

Juhi Sethi | Jun 17, 2017 15:11

Dance Evolution

Manch and D2F have organsied ‘Dance Evolution VII,’ whose grand finale would be held on June 18, 2017 at Deshpande Hall, Nagpur. The show is a special tribute to training division RPC’s (Recruit Police Constable) female police trainees who protect and keep our city safe. Gaikwad-Patil International School along with food partner – Mainland China and health partner – KRIMS Hospital, support this dance show.

During an interaction with team Nation Next, Ketki Arbat, Director at KRIMS Hospital and Founder at Manch, said, “Manch was started as a forum to encourage people for performing arts. Ashwini Ahre has executed the entire dance show along with me. We feel every child should excel in at least one art form, a practice, which is very common outside India. It helps in the development of children. From last seven years, we have been conducting different dance workshops for different age groups from five to fifteen. People from different places attend the workshop. It builds confidence in them.”

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Speaking further about the show, she said, “We propagate such shows so that people get to know about the show as well as the people who make a difference in the society. This year our show is dedicated to the female police trainee studying at RPC. They’ll be a part of this show too.”

Ketki mentioned that the idea behind dedicating this show to the female police trainees is to make people aware of their responsibilities and hard work. Pavan Mangoli (Zumba instructor), who’s associated with the dance workshop, has choreographed the entire show.

Ketki said, “We have around 300 RPG trainees who’ve participated in the show. People enjoy Zumba and it’s good for maintaining fitness as well.”

When asked about India-Pakistan match that coincides with the grand finale on Sunday, Ketki quipped, “We are going to put a tag line, that reads, ‘people, who are not cricket fans, can be a part of the dance show!’ Despite this, we are going to make an arrangement at the venue for people so that they are updated with the live score.”