‘Dance on floors, not on roads,’ warns Delhi Police against Kiki Challenge

Report by: Sharvari Vaidya

Edited by: Radhika Dhawad

Aug 1, 2018 20:38

The Delhi Police on Tuesday warned people against the Kiki Challenge through its official Twitter account by saying, “Dance on the floors, not on the roads.” The Delhi Police also posted an image of a young boy dancing on the streets, with an ambulance standing next to him. The image, hinting at the open door of an ambulance, had a caption that read, “Dancing on the roads can open new doors for you.”

Delhi Police further wrote, “#KikiChallenge is not worth the fun.‪#InMyFeelings Keep ‪#Delhi roads safe for all.”

What exactly is the Kiki Challenge?

This challenge is based on a song released by an American singer Drake, who came up with a new track ‘In My feelings.’ The challenge demands one co-passenger to step out of a moving car and continue dancing on road while the driver drives and simultaneously records his co-passenger’s dance video. While many got seriously injured during the act across the globe, there were also many who lost their lives.

Several police departments across various states in India have warned the citizens against the deadly Kiki Challenge by explaining the dangerous repercussions due to it. Expressing their concern, like the Delhi Police, even police in Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai took to social media to ensure people stop doing the act. Such is the severity of the challenge, as per certain reports, that many places like UAE, Egypt, etc., have imposed a fine on people who take Kiki Challenge.

Here are the official Twitter pages of Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Police who’ve urged citizens to stop doing the Kiki Challenge.


Over the past few weeks #InMyFeelingschallenge took the Internet by storm. Even celebrities can be seen performing this challenge on social media. Lets take a quick scroll over social media feeds to show you the videos of people dancing on streets for Kiki Challenge. One can find almost 413k posts over Instagram on Kiki Challenge.

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