Dark Room Poets celebrates 1st anniversary with music and poetry in Nagpur

    Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 3, 2019 10:47

    Husain Rasheed (middle) performing with others during Dark Room Poets’ 1st anniversary in Nagpur

    Nagpur’s poetry community – Dark Room Poets – celebrated its 1st anniversary with music and poetry at ‘Best of DRP’ in Nagpur. The idea behind this event was to feature the best musicians and poets, who have performed with Dark Room Poets throughout the year.

    Those present during the event included: Kuldeep Shiwankar, Rushabh Jain, Shreya Jain, Husain Rasheed, Humaira Ali, a newly formed group of rappers called NARC among others. And it was not just Nagpurians who were present during the event, Rakesh Tiwari flew all the way from Mumbai to be at the event.

    During the event, Rasheed along with Varun Dhabe and Ram Wankar left people in tears with their performance of Sonetry (Songs + Poetry). The Best of DRP was a complete blend of music, poetry, storytelling and rapping.

    Dark Room Poets is a literature based start-up aiming towards building first academic poetry school in India. The team of DRP is now trying to build a community in the city. They have conducted nearly 17 events throughout the year. Husain Rasheed, founder of DRP, also performs an art form called Dastangoi (Urdu Storytelling).

    DRP wishes to celebrate the unheard and overshadowed poets emphasising on unrecognised pieces of excellence. This first literature based start-up in Nagpur also has a YouTube channel by the name Dark Room Poets, wherein they feature poems of the poets, who didn’t get the deserved recognition. Along with it, they also provide a platform for the budding poets to showcase their talent.

    The Best of DRP witnessed a lot to colours and flavours of literature. Beautiful bookmarks we’re given to each attendee in the end as a souvenir.